Case Study

High Volume Almond Plant Demands High Grading Accuracy and Automated Integration with Existing Database

The Challenge

A high volume almond plant which processes up to 500 bins of almonds per day needs more accuracy in their grading than the current method that relies on a small 0.1% sample. In addition they need to automate per-bin data entry into their Nutware inventory management database so there is no change to existing automated processes already in place. They want to maintain the existing flow already automated- such as automated report creation per bin, input from weighing scale, and data entry into the inventory management database.

The Solution

Borde installed their system on the sizing line to provide 100% inspection and USDA grading, along with automated data entry for each bin into Nutware, their existing database without the need for additional inventory software or changes to their current database. Borde is also integrating with their PLC system to automate update of weights and auto-creation of reports, further enabling the existing QC team to focus on the higher level work.
The Benefits
  • Reduced QC resources needed to run the samples and enter data
  • Increased confidence in the grading of almonds
  • Seamless integration with existing database set-up
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