full automation with PLC integration


Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) are ruggedized controllers that can automate a specific process, machine function, or even an entire production line. Many advanced plants are automating the incoming sizing line operation or coordination with the weighing scale with PLCs that can be used to trigger Borde Plant Advisor software to automate the Borde AI report generation.

This frees up a full-time human operator and achieves true end-to-end automation, never before possible. Borde Plant Adivsor also automates downstream PLCs for decision making e.g. removing objects or mixing objects to achieve a full plant-level automation.

Automate Action
Borde Inspect solution or Borde Plant Advisor software can be triggered or controlled by upstream PLCs to start an AI report and Bord can also trigger a PLC downstream to take a particular action.
Multiple Vendors
Borde Plant Advisor can support multiple vendors' PLCs out of the box. e.g. Allen Bradley, ClickPLC etc.
Mulitple Protocols
Borde Plant Advisor can support multiple protocols such as TCP Modbus, MQTT, Ethernet/IP to connect to PLCs, thereby providing a complete out of the box integration with existing setup.
Borde Plant Advisor allows the plants to self-configure via the BPA user interface.

Success Stories

Find out how leading tree nut processing plants modernize inspection, eliminating manual checks per nut and relying on AI to inspect a nearly 100% sample.

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