Enhance Food Safety and Quality Assurance with AI

Detect and eliminate more foreign materials and product defects with Borde's AI. Achieve advanced levels of quality and safety by leveraging the power of Borde's Plant and Cloud Advisor products.

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Every Quality Oversight Impacts More Than Just Sales

In the food industry, quality oversights can lead to significant health risks and erode consumer trust. Maintaining the highest standards of quality control is not just regulatory—it's a commitment to consumer safety and brand integrity.


of food recalls in the past year were attributed to contamination and quality oversights.

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of consumers report they would avoid purchasing from brands that have experienced even a single food safety incident.

Enhanced Throughput & Quality

Borde leverages the power and precision of AI to scale and speed up production while ensuring that every item meets safety standards.

Workforce Empowerment

Redirect your skilled workforce to where they add the most value, significantly cutting down on manual inspection costs.

Safety & Standards Compliance

Confidently comply with rigorous food safety regulations, minimizing the risk of costly recalls with Borde's advanced detection capabilities.

Project 4

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Step 1
Quick and Easy Installation

Deploy in hours.

Step 2
Integrate end-to-end

Integrate with PLCs, Databases for full automation.

Step 3
continuous improvement

Both Borde Plant Advisor and Cloud Advisor solutions adapt and become more efficient and effective every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Borde's AI adapt to continuously evolving regulations?

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How long does integration take?

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Can Borde recognize a wide range of product defects and foreign objects?

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How does Borde ensure compliance with regulations?

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