Borde Inspect


Current inspection processes are time-consuming, expensive, and error-prone. Borde's AI-powered Inspect includes industrial-grade camera & light kits, an AI device- ready for both dusty and wet environments. Borde Inspect automates many of the tasks involved in QA/QC, freeing up workers to focus on more strategic tasks while also improving accuracy and reducing costs.

Borde's Inspection Solution is vastly more accurate than manual QA/QC processes, which can help reduce product recalls and price reclamations. Borde helps production facilities improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance product quality. Connect today for a free trial!

Efficiency in Inspection
Maximize operational efficiency with the Borde Inspection Assistant, which streamlines the inspection process using advanced AI algorithms.
Enhanced Product Quality
Ensure the highest standards of product quality with our AI-driven inspection, delivering accuracy that surpasses manual inspection capabilities.
Operational Cost Reduction
Reduce operational costs by minimizing manual inspection needs and re-allocating your workforce to more critical tasks, thanks to the automation provided by our Inspection Assistant.
Comprehensive Reporting
Gain access to in-depth analytics and reporting features, providing a comprehensive overview of your quality control measures and outcomes.

Plug & Play Inspect Solution Deploys into Production in Days

AI-Powered Precision
Implement the power of artificial intelligence to achieve meticulous precision in inspection tasks, drastically reducing the margin for error.
Real-Time Inspection
Capitalize on the real-time processing of Borde Inspect solution to inspect products instantly, enhancing workflow efficiency.
Automated Quality Assurance
Automate your quality assurance protocols with Borde Inspect solution, ensuring consistent product quality and compliance with industry standards.
Scalable Integration
Designed for scalability, the Borde Inspect solution integrates with your existing systems to grow with your operational demands.

Success Stories

Find out how leading tree nut processing plants modernize inspection, eliminating manual checks per nut and relying on AI to inspect a nearly 100% sample.

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