Elevate Inspection: Borde's Pharma-focused Solution

Eliminate sorting costs with Borde. Achieve flawless efficiency, ensuring every pill, vial, and packet is inspected and sorted with precision.

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Every Sorting Error Costs More Than Just Money

In the pharmaceutical world, sorting errors can jeopardize patient well-being and tarnish brand reputation. Ensuring precision in every step is crucial for the integrity and safety of every product.


of pharmaceutical recalls in the past year were due to sorting and packaging discrepancies

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of consumers lose trust in a pharmaceutical brand after encountering just one sorting error.

Speed & Efficiency

Process large batches faster and ensure on-time delivery with AI-driven efficiency.

Labor Optimization

Redirect human capital where it matters most and achieve sizable savings in labor cost.

Precision & Compliance

Guarantee adherence to the strictest standards and achieve unparallelled accuracy with Borde Plant Advisor.

Project 4

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Step 1
Quick and Easy Installation

Deploy in hours.

Step 2
Integrate end-to-end

Integrate with PLCs, Databases for full automation.

Step 3
continuous improvement

Both Borde Plant Advisor and Cloud Advisor solutions adapt and become more efficient and effective every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Borde's AI adapt to continuously evolving regulations?

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How long does integration take?

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Can Borde recognize a wide range of product defects and foreign objects?

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How does Borde ensure compliance with regulations?

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