Borde Advisor Software Suite


Borde is bringing cutting-edge AI software innovation to the processing world, powered by the Borde Advisor Suite, which is comprised of Borde Plant Advisor (BPA) and Borde Cloud Advisor (BCA). Borde Plant Advisor (BPA) is deployed inside the plant and the BPA user interface is used by our customers looking for a pre-packaged, integrated solution; hardware setup, AI models, and software. BPA is 20,000 times faster than humans.

Borde Cloud Advisor (BCA) is a cloud-hosted product and reduces data science work by 40x. BCA is used by large companies that want to build their own custom AI models and leverage the Borde Advisor software suite to power their AI initiatives.

Streamline Quality Assurance Staff
With Borde AI-that can perform human like inspection, but 20,000 X faster- you inspect 100% of your product which helps meet stringent food safety and quality assurance requirements.
Reduce Waste and Recall
Borde precision AI can lower defect rates, and number of runs while enabling  high-volume inspection. This helps reduce waste, increase throughput by up to 4x and can directly impact top line revenue.
Real-time Action
With our real-time AI, customers can get prompt reporting and email triggers to halt a production line or perform a rerun as required.
Always Evergreen
Our over-the-air update software updates bring the latest features to you and ensure an evergreen system where software is decoupled from a hardware refresh. This saves switching and training costs.

A Software Defined Processing World

AI at the speed of optical sorting
Our AI can handle tens of millions of objects and up to 20 bins per hour. This enables the processing world to now inspect every impurity and each object for full grading at 100% sample. The report is real-time and can be used to tune upstream optical sorting machines or downstream processes.
Human-like inspection with AI
Our AI is highly accurate and can work without continual tuning by a full-time technician, as required in many traditional rule-based system.
Over the air update, Email alerting
Our AI software enables secure, remote access without expensive, insecure firewall or VPN changes and can work over any network connection, including satelitte. We can remotely update our software and AI models on a periodic or on-demand basis. Borde software also has built in health functions to proactively track issues before they appear. You can choose your SMTP corporate server to send email alerts when a certain pre-set condition is met.
3rd party hardware or cloud support
Our Borde Advisor software suite is designed from ground-up to be modular to work with 3rd party hardware so that our customers can bring their own devices or cloud.

Success Stories

Find out how leading tree nut processing plants modernize inspection, eliminating manual checks per nut and relying on AI to inspect a nearly 100% sample.

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