Refining Mineral Inspection with AI

Revolutionize mineral processing with Borde’s AI. Our technology delivers unmatched sorting precision, driving efficiency and accuracy across all mineral categorization tasks.

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Mineral Processing Precision Demands

In the mineral industry, precision in sorting and grading is vital. The slightest miscalculation can lead to subpar material quality, affecting product value and market trust. Borde’s AI solutions ensure that quality and consistency are upheld, meeting rigorous industry and regulatory standards.


of mineral processing companies face challenges meeting stringent purity standards.

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of the market value can be lost due to inadequate mineral sorting technology.

Optimized Mineral Recovery

Borde's AI elevates recovery rates, ensuring valuable minerals are accurately sorted and extracted, reducing waste and increasing profitability.

Precision Processing Enhanced

With Borde's AI, embrace a new standard of precision that fine tunes processing capabilities, enabling plants to meet and surpass industry standards.

Operational Cost Reduction

Implementing Borde's AI solutions translates to a significant reduction in operational costs by automating the sorting process and minimizing the need for manual intervention.

Project 4

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Step 1
Quick and Easy Installation

Deploy in hours.

Step 2
Integrate end-to-end

Integrate with PLCs, Databases for full automation.

Step 3
continuous improvement

Both Borde Plant Advisor and Cloud Advisor solutions adapt and become more efficient and effective every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Borde's AI adapt to continuously evolving regulations?

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How long does integration take?

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Can Borde recognize a wide range of product defects and foreign objects?

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How does Borde ensure compliance with regulations?

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