Case Study

Game Changing Sample Size-Inspect Nearly 100% of All Nuts Across Several Lines

The Challenge

A plant manager determined that a larger and more effective sampling of nuts would make a big difference in grading. Management wished to replace the small 0.1% sample performed manually by QC employees with a new method that inspects 100% of nuts using AI enabled cameras and advanced algorithms to perform full USDA grading and FM count for all 8 sizing lines, reducing the number of personnel monitoring the lines and increasing efficiency and quality.

The Solution

Borde implemented  their AI powered inspection system on all eight lines. Making sure that data collection was clean and accurate, Borde also accomodated the need to start, stop and pause data collection automatically by individual PLC control. When a bin is filled, the system triggers a printout of a label for the bin and automatically stores the data for that bin in the customer's database. This allowed the production facility to inspect 100% of nuts faster and more efficiently than ever.
The Benefits
  • Even with high volume throughput, nearly 100% of nuts are inspected
  • Vastly improved quality and accuracy
  • Reduced need for manual inspectors and data scientists
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