Our Story

We are analytics experts on a mission to make analytics accessible to operators at factory or plant floors. During our tenure at Hortonworks (now Cloudera), we built market leading Big Data products and collaborated with Global 1000 companies in their Big Data and Artificial Intelligence use cases across verticals-from Manufacturing, Retail, Oil & Gas, Finance to Healthcare & Insurance. We oversaw adoption of  many top level open source projects by the information technology (IT) teams. Our aha moment came when we realized that unlike the IT teams, the operational technology (OT) teams need a very different system approach to solving their business problems at factory floors/plants. An approach that is a complete plug & play approach and can work autonomously without cloud (or with cloud or data center when available). This is not different from network connected consumer devices that are plug & play and intuitive in nature at some level, while being more enterprise grade in many other aspects.  At Borde, we believe in bridging the IT and OT technologies to fully realize the 100x tranformative power of Artificial Intelligence in Industry 4.0.  Our mission is to enable operators across all verticals an AI-enabled smart assistant, so that there is an immedicate benefit to the operators and operators can focus on their businesses instead of glueing various IT tools, which is the state of affairs today.


Saumitra Buragohain

Founder and CEO

Advisory Board

Phu Hoang

Technology Executive and Advisor

Satyam Priyadarshy

Chief Data Scientist & Tech Fellow

Selvamohan Neethiraj

Ex-VP, Engineering, Hortonworks